YAG:Ce Scintillator Mini-Cube, 1.1mm X 1.1mm X 1.1mm, matte

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Cerium doped YAG scintillator mini-cube

Available with one side coated with 50nm Aluminum. Please specify when ordering.

We have a pair of these Cerium Doped YAG scintillator mini-cubes in stock. Although we can obtain others like this, we would require approximately 6 weeks lead time and the price will be higher.

Why have one side coated with 50 nm Aluminum? First of all, to prevent charging of the scintillator disc by providing a conductive path for the incident electrons. Secondly, the reflective nature of the Aluminum reflects photons generated in the phosphor back to the correct end of your detector. Lastly, the Aluminum keeps stray light from entering your detector.

For more information about single crystal scintillators and scintillators in general, please visit the following page: More on Scintillators