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P.A.T.T.I.® Adhesion Testers

Pneumatic Adhesion Tensile Testing Instrument


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The P.A.T.T.I.® system applies a true axial (relative to stub axis) tensile pull test. The tensile values obtained quantitatively measure the bond between a paint, film, coating or adhesive, and the substance substrate. The P.A.T.T.I.® conforms to ASTM D4541, “Pull Off Strength of Coatings Using Portable Adhesion Testers,” and is listed in Annex A.4 as the only self-aligning, pneumatic instrument. The surface to be tested can be smooth, rough, porous, flat or even curved and bond strengths of up to 10,000 psi can be tested with the P.A.T.T.I.® (using the F-20 piston). Advances in P.A.T.T.I.® technology have been mainly customer-driven, so custom applications are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

In a typical test, the first step is to properly attach a “pull-stub” to the test surface. Once the pull-stub epoxy has cured, a self-aligning piston is attached to the pull-stub (click on a model below for an illustration). The control module is supplied with pressurized gas and then connected to the piston via a hose. The user slowly increases the pressure to the piston until separation occurs between the pull-stub and the coating/test surface (or until some predetermined pressure is reached). The control module will indicate the maximum pressure applied to the piston, with or without pull-stub detachment. This burst pressure is then converted into tensile strength (psi) by consulting a table for the appropriate piston and pull-stub. It is recommended that at least three pull-tests are performed and statistically compared for a given surface before a definitive pull-off pressure is assumed.

Allows for testing in accordance with ASTM D4541 and listed in the standard (visit the ASTM website to obtain a copy of the standard.) Other standards are currently in development; check with us in the future for new P.A.T.T.I.® applications.


P.A.T.T.I.® Adhesion Testers

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