Conductive Silver Kit

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Not sure which conductive product you need? Do you need several conductive products and want to save money? This kit was made for you!

Kit Includes (1) Silver Pen, (1) Silver Epoxy and (1) bottle of Silver Paint of your choice.

About the Silver Pen:

This pen is great for adhering samples to SEM stubs! Designed for making instant conductive silver traces, the specially formulated silver-bearing thermoplastic polymer dries in minutes at room temperature. Valved pen tip allows smooth flow with normal writing pressure and is spring-loaded to prevent clogging.

The trace width is pressure-sensitive: for thin traces, hold the pen lightly; for thicker traces, apply more pressure while holding the pen.

If you wish to use the pen for traces, solderable terminations are possible using a 250 degree Fahrenheit cure for 15-20 minutes. Tin, lead, or silver solder can be used (do not exceed 350 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 5 seconds).

Each pen is filled with approximately 100 feet worth of traces. Approximately 39-45% silver with less than 10 micron diameter. Thinner is Butyl Acetate.

For more information, please view the Conductive Silver Pen Technical Data Sheet or the MSDS Sheet.

About the Silver Epoxy:

Use this two-part electrically conductive silver epoxy for adhering microscope samples and solderless connections. Also good for bonding in electric design, prototype and repair projects. Applications include circuit board repairs, surface mount connections, static discharge, shielding, and grounding. Ideal for bonding of heat-sensitive components. Curing time as little as ten minutes when 150-250 degrees Fahrenheit is applied. Resistivity is as low as 0.38 ohm/cm. 5g 

For more information, please view the Silver Epoxy Technical Data Sheet or the Part A MSDS or Part B MSDS.

About the Silver Paint:

This conductive ink is designed for use on flexible or rigid substrates and is commonly used for electrical grounding. Even the 20% formulation is listed at <0.4 Ohm/sq; the other formulations are even MORE conductive!

Our non-flammable, conductive silver paint doesn't dry out in the bottle easily. It contains highly conductive silver particles in an adhesive base used for mounting samples. Easy to apply with the applicator brush in the bottle cap. It provides excellent conductivity and quickly air dries into a flat surface texture.

This high-quality silver paint is packaged in bottles containing 30 grams each This product may be thinned with water or alcohol (water only for the 60+%) depending on the desired drying rate and be sprayed. Non-hazardous and ships anywhere with no restrictions.

For more information about the 18% or 36% silver paint, please view the Silver Paint Technical Data Sheet or the MSDS Sheet.

For more information about the 60+% silver paint, please view the 60+% Silver Paint Technical Data Sheet or the MSDS Sheet.