Silver Paint, 35% Silver, 30 gram brush-cap bottle

$61.61 61.61


Conductive Ink with REAL SILVER (Ag) PARTICLES


This conductive ink is designed for use on flexible or rigid substrates and is commonly used for electrical grounding. Even the 23% formulation is listed at 0.012 Ohm/Sq; the other formulations are even MORE conductive! 

Our non-flammable, conductive, 35% silver paint doesn't dry out in the bottle easily. It contains highly conductive silver particles in an adhesive base used for mounting samples. Easy to apply with the applicator brush in the bottle cap. Provides excellent conductivity and quickly air dries into a flat surface texture. 

This high quality silver paint is packaged in bottles containing 30 grams each and is competitively priced. This product may be thinned with water depending on the desired drying rate and may be sprayed. Non-hazardous and ships anywhere with no restrictions.

For more information, please view the Silver Paint Technical Data Sheet or the MSDS Sheet .