Universal SEM Sample Holders

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This spring-loaded jaws of this universal sample holder allow you to mount any specimen shape from 2mm to 29mm in size. It can hold larger samples if one dimension is not greater than 29mm. Samples are easily inserted or removed. Removable sample-holding arms allow for oddly shaped samples to be accommodated. The aluminum body provides good electrical contact to the stage. The ETEC(R) model can be attached directly to the substage (with the 10/32 peg supplied) giving you a longer working distance. The JEOL(R) model is dovetailed and allows for insertion at both the 39mm and 48mm working distances

 Style Part # Price
USH with 1/8" Pin USM-1


USH with 1/8" Pin USM-2


USH with Dovetail for most JEOL JUSH $349.00
USH for ISI or any 6mm pin


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