SEMicro Demand Regulator

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Includes hose, tubing and adapters.

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When air is introduced into your vacuum chamber, does it have protection to keep pressure from building up and damaging sensitive items?

Our Demand Regulator is designed to work with your SEM, TEM, Microprobe, evaporators, Ion Mills, etc. Wherever you want to go from a vacuum to atmosphere without over pressurization.

Over pressurization of evacuated chambers, upon bringing it up to atmosphere, can cause serious damage to thin film windows found on x-ray detectors and other pressure sensitive apparatus. When you let air back into an evacuated chamber instead of a pressure build-up until the "door pops open", the Semicro Demand Regulator (SDR) releases any excess air or gas. At the most, the pressure rise will only be 1 to 2 psi.

The SDR is installed by placing it on the air line of the apparatus in question. The air line going to the area you wish to protect is cut and the SDR is easily installed. Almost any fitting can be supplied to match your requirements on hose diameters for an air tight fit. Install it yourself or ask your service engineer.