P.A.T.T.I.®-K Analog Adhesion Tester

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"The most accurate adhesion tester on the market!"

"Looking to improve your Adhesion Testing results?"

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  • The same quality you have come to expect from the P.A.T.T.I.®

  • Complete Package Retail Price of $999!

  • Allows for testing coatings up to 5000 psi (using F-8 model with standard 1/2" stubs)

  • No Conversion Charts needed for our most popular configurations! F-2, F-4, and F-8 models with 1/2" stubs available

  • Tensile Strengths noted in units of psi and bar

  • Accepts 16 gram, unthreaded CO2 Cartridges or External Air Supply

  • The new design makes the P.A.T.T.I.-K® lighter than any other portable adhesion tester


  • The self-aligning P.A.T.T.I.-K® quantitatively measures the adhesion strength of numerous coatings, including paints, polymers, ceramics, inks, films, adhesives, and thermal or arc-sprayed metals.

  • Laboratory or field use.

  • The test surface can be smooth, rough, porous, flat or curved (please contact us for application-specific solutions). Custom-machined pull-stubs are available at any size, either flat or with a radius to match curved surfaces.

  • The P.A.T.T.I.® can also be used to test the strength of adhesives under non-room environmental conditions from 32-212 degrees Fahrenheit (0-100 degrees Celsius).


  • The P.A.T.T.I.® uses compressed inert gas to apply a continuous tensile load to an aluminum pull-stub which is bonded to the test surface with an adhesive.

  • After the adhesive has cured, the operator attaches the piston. Then the operator pushes and holds the "RUN" button. A continuous load is then applied perpendicular to the pull-stub until failure occurs, or until a specified load is reached.

  • The P.A.T.T.I.® can be pressurized with CO2 cartridges to make it portable for field use. In the laboratory, nitrogen or any clean inert gas system providing at least 100 psig (up to 160 psig) can be used.

The P.A.T.T.I.® features a patented piston design which assures uniaxial
alignment with the pull-stub axis for "true tensile testing":


There is a different piston for each load range shown in the table below. It is recommended that you choose the piston whose midpoint testing range is closest to the suspected tensile strength of your coating. For instance, suppose that your coating has a tensile strength near 1000 psi. You would choose the F-2 piston option. Although the F-8 piston could test a coating in this range, it would be on the lower end of the range of the F-8.

At least 100 psig supply pressure (up to 150 psig) is required*. All pistons are self-aligning.

Piston Load Range
(PSI using 1/2" dia. pull-stubs)
Piston Diameter Retail Price
F-2 100-1250 2 1/4" (2.25") $399.00; (free with pkg)
F-4 200-2500 2 7/8" (2.875") $399.00; (free with pkg)
F-8 400-5000 3 3/4" (3.75") $399.00; (free with pkg)



The P.A.T.T.I.® instrument and method conforms to ASTM D-4541: "Pull-Off Strength of Coatings Using Portable Adhesion Testers" and is classified as a Type IV instrument.

  • Gas Supply*: self-contained (6 portable 16 g CO2 cartridges included) or external supply (>100 psig)
  • Weight: < 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7" (17.8cm) x 5" (12.7cm) x 3" (7.6cm) (Control Module without CO2 cartridge attached)
  • Load Range: 100-5,000 psi using 1/2" pull-stubs
  • Operating Temperature Range: 50-120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Certified calibration available at an additional fee
  • Accessory for testing adhesives available
  • All pistons are self-aligning


Our P.A.T.T.I.-K Complete Testing System includes Analog Laboratory/Field control module, one single load range piston (F-2, F-4, or F-8), transport carry bag, accessory kit [50 ½" pull-stubs, 50 adhesive masks, epoxy kit, 6 *CO2 cartridges, 100 alcohol pads] and instruction manual.

Due to FAA regulations CO2 cartridges will only be shipped by ground. Cartridges can generally be purchased at bike shops or sporting goods stores.

All PATTI® Units include a one year warranty.

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