Do you only need a PATTI® for a finite amount of time?

Would like to try the PATTI® before you buy?

Consider renting a PATTI® from our factory! Any of our pistons are available for use with your rental–although the F–20 piston (dual range) counts as 3 pistons. Lessee must sign and return a copy of our lease agreement before any rental may begin. The lease of the tester will begin on the day it is received by your shipping department, NOT the day the user receives it.


Lease Agreement:

  1. After we ship the unit, you will be sent an invoice for the first two week's rental (10% of the purchase price) and the cost of the expendables (these items include pull stubs, adhesive masks, epoxy, etc and need not be returned to us; currently $139 for standard kit).
  2. After that you will receive an invoice every two weeks at 10% of the purchase price of the package. If a unit is purchased within 3 months of leasing it, even if it has been returned, the cost of the rental may be subtracted from the cost of a new unit (not to include cost of expendables)!
  3. The tester is to be returned Freight Prepaid & Insured for full value. Additional charges will be applied if the tester is not received at SEMicro within three (3) working days after the end of the lease period. The price of any items found to be missing when the unit is returned will be charged to the customer. Items in the expendables kit need not be returned.
  4. Leased Adhesion Testers may have been previously used. Lessee accepts full responsibility for returning the Tester in "as received" condition. Lessee assumes full responsibility for use and application.

Model Charges:

  • PATTI® QUANTUM Analog Adhesion Tester with 1 single-range piston (your choice):
  • $250 initial charge + Standard Expendables Kit
  • $219.50 every two weeks 


  • PATTI® QUANTUM Digital Adhesion Tester with 1 single-range piston (your choice):
  • $250 initial charge + Standard Expendables Kit
  • $349.50 every two weeks

STANDARD EXPENDABLES KIT [ (25) 1/2" pull-stubs, 25 Adhesive Masks, epoxy, 1 box CO2, mix sticks & pans ] :

CONCRETE EXPENDABLES KIT [ (5) 2" pull-stubs, epoxy, 1 box CO2, mix sticks, pans & cotton tipped applicators ] :

Units can be rented with multiple pistons; call us for pricing and to reserve your tester today!