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P.I.P.S. (PATTI Instant Pull Stubs) was designed to help our customers who require a fast turnaround. These patented pull-stubs come with an adhesive that cures in five minutes using a high-intensity light which significantly reduces the curing time required by most epoxies. Our adhesive has a bond strength greater than 2,000 psi and works for many applications. Our custom-machined adapter was engineered to double as a stand-off ring as well, reducing the number of accessories needed for testing with P.I.P.S.

Note: We have recently discovered a new high-intensity flashlight that can perform the function of our previous illuminator/ring light combination! This makes the P.I.P.S. kit portable! No longer is the system encumbered by AC power cords and large area requirements. It's even much less expensive than our previous system.

P.I.P.S. kit includes: (2) PPS-25 [50 PIPS total], (50) Adhesive Masks, light-cure adhesive, high-intensity flashlight, (3) new AAA batteries pre-installed inside the light and custom-machined adapter.