Aluminum Pull-Stubs, 3/4" (20 mm) in diameter, Pkg. of 100

$199.00 199.00


Suitable for testing in accordance with ISO standard (20mm).

These pull-stubs (pictured on the right side in the image shown) were designed for applications with very tight requirements on the testing area. 

These may also be utilized if you have already been using a PATTI system/piston to test one coating and find that you now need to test a significantly weaker coating. By increasing the diameter of the pull-stub you are using, you effectively reduce the range of strengths a given piston can test. In this way, you will not need to purchase another piston for your new application.

Call us for more information or to verify that these stubs will work for you.

Please note that you will need a Stand-Off Ring and Threaded Stud (sold separately) to use these stubs.