Adhesive Masks 300/roll

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Tired of struggling to remove the cut-off rings before performing your PATTI Pull Test?  

Annoyed by the care needed to place a cut-off ring over the pull-stub without disturbing your uncured epoxy?

SEMicro  Adhesive Masks are the solution!

If you are familiar with adhesion testing, you know how important it is to reproduce the area that is pulled. If a technician performed a pull-test without properly defining the area, then the epoxy would seep out from under the pull-stub and cure to the sample prior to testing. This would result in an effective pull that is larger than 1/2", and the corresponding tensile strength would appear to be higher than it actually is!

At the request of some of our customers, we have developed an alternative: the Adhesive Mask. This low tack, donut-shaped piece of plastic has a 1" O.D. and a 1/2" I.D and is perfect for adhesion testing.

Adhesive Mask Schematic

Instructions For Use:


1. Before testing, place an Adhesive Mask on the sample at the site to be tested.
2. Apply your epoxy to the face of a pull-stub and to the center of the Adhesive Mask. The Masks are thick enough that once the pull-stub is applied to the test site at the center of the Mask, it can be slid around until it "locks" into place.
3. Once the epoxy has cured, perform your test as usual. Note that these Masks do not need to be removed like the cut-off rings! This is because the low-tack adhesive of the Adhesive Mask has such a low tensile strength that it does not make a measurable difference in a pull test. The larger outer diameter prevents the epoxy from contacting the sample at any location other than the 1/2" where the pull-stub rests.

Despite the fact that these Adhesive Masks are so much easier to use than our previous cut-off rings,
they cost less!

Try them today!