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Conductive Silver Pen

Product Description
$ 35.95
This pen is great for adhering samples to SEM stubs! Designed for making instant conductive silver traces, the specially formulated silver-bearing thermoplastic polymer dries in minutes at room temperature. Valved pen tip allows smooth flow with normal writing pressure and is spring loaded to prevent clogging.

The trace width is pressure sensitive: for thin traces, hold the pen lightly; for thicker traces, apply more pressure while holding the pen.

If you wish to use the pen for traces, solderable terminations are possible
using a 250 degree Fahrenheit cure for 15-20 minutes. Tin, lead, or silver solder can be used (do not exceed 350 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 5 seconds).

Each pen is filled with approximately 100 feet worth of traces. Approximately 39-45% silver with less than 10 micron diameter. Thinner is Butyl Acetate.

For more information, please view the Conductive Silver Pen Technical Data Sheet or the MSDS Sheet.

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