Conductive Lift-N-Press Carbon Adhesive Tabs

$74.95 74.95


Conductive Lift-N-Press Carbon Adhesive Tabs(CLNP) is composed of a thin film of strong adhesive approximately 1/2" diameter. Over 99% transparent to EDS, very small amount of nickel (0.6%) and copper < 0.3%. To apply tab, remove one tab from the roll, press onto the surface where you want the film, lift "tab" and peel off by slightly rotating the paper tab as you lift. For small samples, tabs can be cut to the desired size before removing the tab from the backing sheet. Each roll contains approximately 250 tabs.

We also have non-conductive Lift-N-Press Tabs!


  • 99% transparent to EDS
  • Easy dispensing roll
  • Longer shelf life
  • Low background for GUNSHOT RESIDUE (GSR) analysis