Protect your investment by performing regular maintenance and service. This will help to ensure years of accurate test results

What maintenance should I be doing on my PATTI unit?

On the control unit, clean it regularly and check the inlet/outlet for obstructions. On the pistons you need to check often (monthly) that your gasket is clean and has a good coating of talcum powder. If your gasket becomes dirty it will affect your testing because the gasket will no longer react smoothly to the pressure being applied. To clean the gasket, wash it with soap and water to remove any contaminants. Then place the gasket in a ziplock bag with talcum powder. Shake the bag to make sure the gasket is well-covered and replace it in the body of the piston. Depending on how often you use your PATTI® , you may want to have it calibrated (checked against a NIST standard). Ask your distributor for more information.

How often should my unit be calibrated?

We recommend that the PATTI unit and pistons be calibrated every 12 months. For infrequent users (i.e., users that only use the unit occasionally) it can be longer.

What do you do during a calibration?

We have developed a calibration/certification process for a given control module/piston combination. Our method is even suitable for ISO 9000!

  1. First, you must send your P.A.T.T.I. unit and pistons to our facility. Here your unit is fully checked out and the pistons are cleaned and lubricated.
  2. Then the unit is sent to NSTL (National Standards Testing Laboratory). There, NIST–traceable dead weights are applied to the piston depending on it's range. Air is then supplied to the piston from the control module in the same manner as a pull test. When the piston lifts each load, the value displayed on the control module is recorded. We then scale the values obtained based on the size of the piston and compare to the actual load on the piston over 4 points across the range of the piston.
  3. We perform this process twice for each piston. This allows us to effectively report the bias of each control module/piston combination.

This verification/certification procedure is performed at NSTL because they act as an unrelated third party and can certify our adhesion testers in an unbiased way.

Note: F-20 Piston requires special instructions - customer must state which range(s) they require calibrated, i.e. as an F-8, F-12 or F-20 (or all 3 ranges).


CALIBRATION of PATTI® (module and piston) 

CALIBRATION-1 (1 piston) - $249.00 (add shipping)

CALIBRATION-2 (2 or more pistons) - $195.00 per piston (add shipping)

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PATTI® Refurbishment/Cleaning

PATTI® CLEAN -$169.00 -Clean, refurbish, & test. Includes new gasket for one piston. (Additional parts, if needed, will be quoted) 

Gasket Replacement

New Gaskets for PATTI Pistons- $32.00 - $64.00

Our gaskets are made of an RTV material that is fairly resistant to abuse. However, should your gasket become chipped on the outer diameter or torn it should be replaced immediately. 

Replace your old gasket today and observe the improvement in your PATTI system!