Cambridge/LEO® Angled Quartz Light Pipes

$495.00 495.00


The light pipe is the connection between the scintillator and the photomultiplier tube (PMT). It transfers the photons produced by the scintillator for detection by the PMT. We coat the scintillator material directly on the light pipe which improves the signal. Light pipes are available in optical quality quartz and optical grade acrylic. Cambridge(R) reduced-tip models are only available in acrylic. High voltage wire and corona ring are included. JEOL(R) pipes include a flange.

We also offer a light pipe recoat service. Just ship us your used light pipe and we will repolish the faces and redeposit the P47 phosphor. The cost is $150 per light pipe (Aluminum coating, if requested, is extra).

Custom made light pipes are available as well! Although our standard Light Pipes are coated with P47 phosphor, we can obtain collars that allow for interfacing scintillator discs and Light Pipes (including single crystal scintillators). Call us for details.