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Product Description
Choose Piston Size
$ 399.00

Each piston comes complete with the required gasket(s), prelubricated and installed!

The F-8/12 (F-20) Piston, the largest piston we stock at SEMicro, is like having 3 pistons in 1: an F-8, an F-12 and combined as an F-20. This piston is great if you will be testing many different coatings with different adhesion characteristics. It provides the most flexibility of any piston in our line.

Important: The psi strengths listed are based on 1/2" diameter pull stubs. If you are using any other sized stub, please contact us prior to purchasing a piston to make sure you will be testing in the range desired. 


Piston Load Range
(PSI using 1/2" dia. pull-stubs)
Piston Diameter Price
F-1 50-500 1 3/4" (1.75") $399.00
F-2 100-1000 2 1/4" (2.25") $399.00
F-4 200-2000 2 7/8" (2.875") $399.00
F-8 400-4000 3 3/4" (3.75") $399.00

F-8/12 (F-20)

(3 Load Ranges)

F-8; 400-4000

F-12; 600-6000

F-20; 1000-10,000

5 3/4" (5.75") $449.00



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