Adhesion Testing Analyzer

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SEMicro's A.T.A.:

Adhesion Testing Analyzer

U.S. Patent No. 9,841,369
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As a user of one of the popular Cross Hatch Tape Adhesion Testing standards such as ASTM D3359 or ISO 2409, you know that it can be difficult to determine the Classification Rating of your coating once any of it has been removed. With SEMicro's newest patented product, the Adhesion Testing Analyzer (A.T.A.), there is no more need to guess! Utilizing a genuine Apple iPod Touch, a custom application and an illuminated stand, our A.T.A. system can vastly improve the precision and accuracy of your test results. You will obtain the same results from user to user!
Once the system is set up properly, it is incredibly easy to use. Start the application on the iPod Touch, select the blade you are using from a drop-down menu to set the size of the Area of Interest (AIO) window, align the AIO so that it matches your testing area and move the Color Input Area (CIA) window to an unblemished area of the coating. That's it! The A.T.A. system will analyze the test area to calculate how much of the area of the AIO is not the color of the CIA. The percentage of the coating that has been removed will be displayed along with the corresponding Classification Rating of the coating, in ASTM and ISO format. You can then take a picture of the test results that can be shared with other interested parties instantly via email, pdf, etc.
But that's not all! You can also add much reporting detail to each test that can also be shared. This includes a date/time stamp, blade selection for the test, tape used and tape adhesion strength, immersion conditions, etc. 

Why add the A.T.A. to your Testing Program?

  • Instant Accurate Results The pre-installed software quickly calculates the percentage of coating removed and determines the correct Classification Rating.
  • Eliminate Guesswork No longer will you have to guess the percentage of coating removed after a test - especially helpful with amorphous shapes!
  • Improved Repeatability Same reading regardless of the user
  • Shareability Electronically share test results with interested parties
  • Designed for Field Use  The A.T.A. is lightweight and portable. The rugged case with foam insert protects the A.T.A. during transport, and when not in use. The included power bank allows you to keep on testing no matter where you are.

Your A.T.A. Package Contains: 

  • Apple-branded Smart Device
  • A.T.A. Smart Device App
  • Power Bank for charging in the field
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • AC Adapter 
  • 9V battery (for internal LED ring light within stand) 
  • Quick Start Guide


We stand behind our products. We are available to help with any issues you have setting up or using your A.T.A. Just Contact Us.

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