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P.A.T.T.I.® Calibration Single (Module with 1 Piston*)

Product Description
$ 249.00

CALIBRATION of PATTI® (*module and piston must be sent to M. E. Taylor for the calibration process

CALIBRATION-1 (1 piston) - $249.00

Do you require calibration on more than one piston? Check out our Calibration-2 package below for a discount of more than $50 per piston!

CALIBRATION-2 (2 or more pistons) - $195.00 per piston.

Note: F-20 Piston requires special instructions - customer must state which range(s) they require calibrated, i.e. as an F-8, F-12 or F-20 (or all 3 ranges where each piston range would be $195 each).

It is recommended you have your PATTI calibrated yearly if used regularly. Call for an appointment for faster service.

We have developed a calibration/certification process for a given control module/piston combination. Our method is even suitable for ISO 9000!

  1. First, you must send your P.A.T.T.I. unit and pistons to our facility. Here your unit is fully checked out and the pistons are cleaned and lubricated.
  2. Then the unit is sent to NSTL (National Standards Testing Laboratory). There, NIST–traceable dead weights are applied to the piston depending on it's range. Air is then supplied to the piston from the control module in the same manner as a pull test. When the piston lifts each load, the value displayed on the control module is recorded. We then scale the values obtained based on the size of the piston and compare to the actual load on the piston over 4 points across the range of the piston.
  3. We perform this process twice for each piston. This allows us to effectively report the bias of each control module/piston combination.

This verification/certification procedure is performed at NSTL because they act as an unrelated third party and can certify our adhesion testers in an unbiased way.


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