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Cross-Hatch Testing Tape– 1" x 60 yds. (3 pack)

Product Description
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Introducing SEMicro's Cross-Hatch Testing Tape! The Permacel P-99 replacement that's just like the original — only better!

Certificate of Conformance available upon request. Please leave us a note on checkout page and we will be happy to include one with your order!


If you are a user of ASTM D3359, then you are most likely already familiar with the Permacel P-99 tape. It was the only tape listed in the standard as being reported to be suitable for the purposes of the standard. Unfortunately, Permacel discontinued the manufacture of P-99, leaving users of the D3359 wondering how they can maintain some level of consistency and continuity in their testing processes.

As respected members of the adhesion testing community and as ASTM members ourselves, we at SEMicro undertook the challenge of finding possible alternatives. What we found was surprising - there really is no "off the shelf" tape like the P-99. The next closest tapes had an adhesive strength substantially higher or lower than the P-99. The use of one of these tapes as a substitute for the P-99 would often result in a different classification rating when compared to results with P-99! This explains why ASTM had only listed Permacel P-99 in the footnotes. No other product had been reported to provide consistent, reliable results.

At that point, we approached our formulator to examine the components of the P-99 – the adhesive, the backing, etc. We challenged them to develop a product that we could say was a direct replacement for Permacel P-99 so we could provide users of D3359 with a seamless transition from testing with P-99 to testing post-P-99. We have no doubt you'll agree that we succeeded! 

Technical Specifications:

Adhesive Type
90 sec Peel Test [oz/in]
Shelf Life [months]
Permacel P-99
Synthetic Rubber
Synthetic Rubber

*Listed data is based on the results of independent testing performed by ChemSultants International. Samples were tested following a 90 second dwell time in accordance with PSTC-101. 10 tests per sample were performed and averaged. Listed adhesion values may differ from published adhesion values due to the difference in dwell time (ASTM D3359 stipulates that the tape should be removed within 90 seconds +/- 30 seconds from the application).

You also may wish to view the CHT MSDS or CHT Data Sheet.

Please note: This Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Datasheet were prepared solely for the reference of, and as a courtesy, to SEMicro customers. The adhesive tape product to which this MSDS refers is a manufactured item that meets the definition of an “article” under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (“Standard”), which exempts articles from the requirements of the standard, including the requirement to provide an MSDS.

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