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Carbon Paint, Conductive - 1 Litre, Bulk Container

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Temporarily Unavailable

Due to the discontinuation of Auquadag E from the manufacturer we are unable to offer our Carbon Paint in bulk at this time. We are working hard to find a suitable replacement. In the meantime, we do have 30g bottles –both brush and spray formulations. We thank you for your patience during this transition.

Our Carbon Paint is Aquadag E: a water-based conductive graphite paint. It provides great conductivity (1k Ohm/SQ) and quickly air-dries into a flat surface texture. The maximum service temperature is 150 degrees Celsius with an average flake size of 1 micron. 1 liter Carbon Paint orders may be shipped in one large container or several smaller ones at our discretion.

The typical Carbon Paint formulation is intended for brush use. A spray formulation is also available. Please indicate when ordering what formulation you prefer.  

Note that bulk Carbon Paint will be packaged in larger containers and WILL NOT include the brush.

Smaller 30g brush cap bottles available here.

Typical Applications:
* Electrostatic Screening
* Electrode finishes on glass envelopes
* Coating of electron gun components
* Printed circuits - manufacture and repair
* Contact material in capacitors, resistors, and other electronic components
* Prevention of corona discharge at air gaps under high voltage
* Dry lubrication of moving parts in electronic assemblies
* Static bleed in computers, office equipment, etc.
* Black matrix for color television cathode ray tubes
* Impregnant for glass and other fibers

 Click here for Safety Data Sheet.

Click here for Aquadag E MSDS Sheet.

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