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Carbon Paint, Conductive

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Semicro's Carbon Paint Is Aquadag E —The Gold Standard in the Electronics Industry!

Our Water-Based Graphite Paint Is a Versatile Conductive or Resistive Coating, and Impregnant

Some Typical Applications

  •  Electrostatic Screening Electrode finishes on glass envelopes 
  •  Coating of electron gun components 
  •  Printed circuits - manufacture and repair 
  •  Contact material in capacitors, resistors, and other electronic components 
  •  Prevention of corona discharge at air gaps under high voltage 
  •  Dry lubrication of moving parts in electronic assemblies 
  •  Static bleed in computers, office equipment, etc. 
  •  Black matrix for color television cathode ray tubes 
  •  Impregnant for glass and other fibers

Advantages of Aquadag E 

  • Easy to apply with the applicator brush in the bottle cap
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Provides great conductivity (1k Ohm/SQ) 
  • Quickly air-dries into a flat surface texture
  • Maximum service temperature is 150°C with an average flake size of 1 micron.
  • 30 grams each for smaller, brush cap bottles
    The typical carbon paint formulation is intended for brush use. Our 30g brush formulation comes in a brush cap bottle. A spray formulation is also available. Please specify your preference at the drop down menu when ordering.

    Now available in 1 Litre bottles at a 67% discount!

    Safety Data Sheet     Aquadag E MSDS