Lift-N-Press™ Adhesive Tabs

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Lift-N-Press(LNP) Adhesive Tabs are composed of a thin film of strong adhesive approximately 1/2" diameter. They are a convenient, clean, economical method of mounting samples. They are particularly useful where "wicking" presents a real problem. Be careful with look-alikes--- that may simply be adhesive dots for mounting photos! To use LNP simply lift the tab off the backing; press the sticky surface to the mount; then peel back the tab leaving the adhesive behind. For small samples, tabs can be cut to the desired size before removing the tab from the backing sheet. The adhesive removes easily with isopropyl alcohol or acetone. Each roll contains approximately 500 tabs.

Also available in conductive format! 


  • More tack and high strength adhesive
  • Smoother background
  • Better particle detection
  • Adhesive only .002" thick
  • Easy dispensing roll
  • Longer shelf life