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Carbon Paint, Conductive

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Semicro's Carbon Paint Is Aquadag E —The Gold Standard in the Electronics Industry!


Our Water-Based Graphite Paint Is a Versatile Conductive or Resistive Coating, and Impregnant

Some Typical Applications

  •  Electrostatic Screening Electrode finishes on glass envelopes 
  •  Coating of electron gun components 
  •  Printed circuits - manufacture and repair 
  •  Contact material in capacitors, resistors, and other electronic components 
  •  Prevention of corona discharge at air gaps under high voltage 
  •  Dry lubrication of moving parts in electronic assemblies 
  •  Static bleed in computers, office equipment, etc. 
  •  Black matrix for color television cathode ray tubes 
  •  Impregnant for glass and other fibers

Advantages of Aquadag E 

  • Easy to apply with the applicator brush in the bottle cap
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Provides great conductivity (1k Ohm/SQ) 
  • Quickly air-dries into a flat surface texture
  • Maximum service temperature is 150°C with an average flake size of 1 micron.
  • 30 grams each for smaller, brush cap bottles
    The typical carbon paint formulation is intended for brush use. Our 30g brush formulation comes in a brush cap bottle. A spray formulation is also available. Please specify your preference at the drop down menu when ordering.

    Now available in 1 Litre bottles at a 67% discount!

    Safety Data Sheet     Aquadag E MSDS

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Used to Make Conducting Line

    We made conducting, braided, polymer line by pressing this paint into the braid to impregnate the braid fibers. The conductivity of the resulting line is less than one megohm per meter. We can spool and unspool the line and conductivity remains stable. Folding and crushing the line ruins the impregnation, but that's not surprising: the polymer fibers don't stick to carbon. The paint itself is easy to work with. When it thickened, we thinned it with water and saw no loss of performance.

    Great for CRT dag coating!

    Works a treat! I have purchased multiple bottles of this product from SEMicro over the years for recoating conductive dags on arcade CRT monitors, and am always pleased with the results. I have recoated and touched up many arcade CRT's - color, B&W, vector, raster - and all work perfectly. Goes on smooth and even, dries quickly, covers large areas with ease, and provides the same 1Kohm resistance as decades-old original CRT coatings. A perfect match.

    Thank you Ryan! We are thrilled to hear that you have experienced repeated, successful results with our Carbon Paint. Our customers have used our Carbon Paint for many different applications, it's always nice to hear the results they get. We appreciate your business and for taking the time to share your positive experience!

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