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ProScope(TM) HR and HR2
NEW! Now accepting orders for the new ProScope HR2!
It's Everything you love about the ProScope with MORE RESOLUTION:
2 MP instead of 1.3!



Bodelin Begins Shipping New High Resolution ProScope HR2 Microscope


Lake Oswego, Oregon"September 1st, 2009, Bodelin Technologies, manufacturer of the ProScope HR (1.3 megapixel imager), the world’s first handheld USB microscope, begins shipping their new higher resolution ProScope HR2 (2 megapixel imager) with custom state of the art Aptina imager.
The new ProScope HR2 features the new state-of-the-art, Aptina™ imager which was originally made for surveillance, with large pixels that take in more light than other imagers on the market. The Bodelin engineering team customized this imager to allow extensive imaging adjustment and LED intensity control. The most impressive feature is the ability to actually stream true pixels at higher resolutions. The ProScope HR2 is the only digital microscope in the world that can do this. Other imagers stream at 640X480 and only interpolate to simulate higher resolutions. The total effect in the ProScope HR2 is live video that appears to be 4 to 5 megapixels in clarity while only using an actual 2 megapixel imager. The new cobalt black handle says this is a serious tool yet the price point is equal to the previous ProScope HR, which will remain in the product line at a lower cost. The ProScope products are currently used in tens of thousands of schools, universities, law enforcement forensic labs, manufacturing quality control, medical and tele-medicine since 2001.
The ProScope HR and HR2 are made in Oregon, RoHS compliant (lead free), UVC plug and play and include free Windows and Mac software. The bundled software will capture stills, video and time lapse. It can also be used live over the Internet with programs like Skype™ and Apple iChat™. ProScope lenses range from 0-10X, 30X, 50X, 100X, 200X, 400X, 500X and 1000X. Bodelin also has adapters for borescopes and analog microscopes. Bodelin also offers three types of optional measurement software accurate to within 10 microns and pre-calibrated for all ProScope lenses."

The ProScope-HR(TM) is a digital USB microscope that brings microscopic images and video to your computer screen. It is very versatile and compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. The Proscope brings portability and excitement to the learning process. The basic high resolution package comes with a 50X lens, software, backlighting and a standard tripod mount (which can also be used with the optional stand). Various accessories as well as various ProScope packages are also available to enhance your usage of the ProScope.

Its features include: Interchangeable lens of 1X (adjustable to 10X), 50X, 100X, 200X or standard C-Mount lenses; backlit for easy viewing; takes instant snapshots or video saved to your computer; standard camera mount front and back of the unit; USB compatible for both PC and Mac.

The software has a video setting which you can customize to suit your needs; ability to take snapshots, interval shots or videos, a shutter button for remote operation and control, easy scrolling through your stored images and video on your desktop, and easy and quick exporting capabilities to any location on your computer.

Download Free science curriculum for the ProScope™ from Apple. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

The ProScope™ is creating a revolution in science classrooms from K-12 to universities worldwide. The software is easy to use and the lightweight yet tough construction easily fits in the hand of a child or adult.

Field Use
Your ProScope™ goes anywhere your laptop goes because it's only connection is the USB port on your computer. The ProScope™ brings the lab to the field so that Biology, archaeology or any field studies can be conducted on site. The full ProScope™ Kit comes with a hard shell case so portability and care of your ProScope™ and accessories is safe and easy.

In the Lab
Many teachers use the ProScope™ with their desktop computers in the classroom to present magnified images to the entire class in real time! A popular use in K-12 is for teachers to give students a Petri dish and ask the students to bring something in for microscopy. The next day the teacher can display for the class the objects and catalog a still image in the students desktop file.

Use Your Own Optics
Don't throw out your old microscopes because the ProScope™ can be attached to an existing microscope, telescope or camera lenses with a c-mount and our ProScope™ C-mount adapter.


ProScope(TM) HR and HR2

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