ProScope Micro Mobile Kits

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Turn your mobile device into a high-powered microscope with the ProScope Micro Mobile attachment

Now available in a Universal iPad kit and Universal SmartPhone kit—fits most phones measuring 2.65-4″ wide

Kits Include

  • ProScope Micro Mobile base unit
  • 20x-80x lens
  • Sleeve for the selected device
  • Adjustable nylon lens cone
  • Stand
  • USB charging cable

Each kit comes with a mobile base unit and a sleeve specific for the device selected. Purchase additional sleeves separately to use with all your devices!



  • Digital Zoom Magnification Range of 20x to 80x
  • 12 Adjustable LEDs—use all 12 or only 6 to reduce surface reflection
  • Edmund pro level glass optics (specially coated lenses for better image quality and color reproduction)
  • Built-in desktop stand for hands-free use
  • Made with impact-resistant nylon and ABS for years of field operation
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (about 5 hours of continuous operation)
  • USB charging cable to recharge to full capacity in 2 hours

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