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Adhesives, Coatings, and Tabs

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Carbon Paint, Conductive

Semicro's Carbon Paint Is Aquadag E —The Gold Standard in the Electronics Industry!   Our Water-Based Graphite Paint Is a Versatile Conductive or Resistive Coating, and Impregnant Some Typical Applications  Electrostatic...

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Carbon Paint, Conductive - 1 Litre, Bulk Container

Our Carbon Paint is Aquadag E: a water-based conductive graphite paint. It provides great conductivity (1k Ohm/SQ) and quickly air-dries into a flat surface texture. The maximum service temperature is...

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Conductive Lift-N-Press Carbon Adhesive Tabs

Conductive Lift-N-Press Carbon Adhesive Tabs(CLNP) is composed of a thin film of strong adhesive approximately 1/2" diameter. Over 99% transparent to EDS, very small amount of nickel (0.6%) and copper...

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Conductive Silver Epoxy – 14 g Kit

Electrically Conductive Silver Epoxy Use this two-part electrically conductive silver epoxy for adhering microscope samples and solderless connections. Also good for bonding in electric design, prototype and repair projects. Applications...

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